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Pledge $5 or more

You will receive an email from the composer thanking you for your contribution! Every contribution will also enroll you in receiving any updates we send out regarding the project.

Estimated delivery: Sep 2013
Pledge $10 or more

Above premium plus: Donor’s name will be acknowledged on recording's promotional web page.

Estimated delivery: Sep 2013
Pledge $25 or more

Above premium plus: donor will receive a handwritten thank you card.

Estimated delivery: June ' 14
Pledge $50 or more

Above premiums, plus a link to a private web page giving the donor a digital preview of the music which will be recorded (created by MIDI using Garritan Sounds)

Estimated delivery: June '14
Add $5 to ship outside the US
Pledge $100 or more

Above premiums, plus a copy of Carson Kievman's "Symphony No. 2(42)" CD, signed by the composer. This recording was named "one of the 10 best classical recordings of 1996," by The Los Angeles Times

Estimated delivery: June '14
Add $15 to ship outside the US
Pledge $250 or more

Above premiums, plus copy of the new CD signed by the composer and conductor

Estimated delivery: Sep 2014
Add $20 to ship outside the US
Pledge $500 or more

Above premiums, plus a special personal letter written by the composer to the donor during the recording sessions and a session photo signed by the composer and conductor.

Estimated delivery: Sep 2014
Add $20 to ship outside the US
Pledge $1,000 or more

Above premiums, plus invitation to attend a post cd release party dinner with the composer and conductor.

Estimated delivery: Sep 2014
Pledge $5,000 or more

Above premiums, plus donors' name appears as a major sponsor in the CD program notes.

Estimated delivery: Feb 2014
Pledge $10,000 or more

Above premiums, plus invitation to personally attend the recording sessions in Europe. Hotel accomodations included.

Estimated delivery: Feb 2014



Dear Friends, we will be making a professional recording of Symphony No. 4 (Biodiversity) with your help!
Read our fundraising Letter by clicking here.

Please listen to a description of the symphony, accompanied by some digital excerpts via the video posted below....

Then become a partner of history in the making by making a tax-deductible donation today! All donations for the project will go directly to a special fund and as soon as the goal is reached the recording will be made.

Symphony No. 4 (Biodiversity) is a recording project of SoBe Arts, a 501 (c) (3) nonprofit arts organization.

A four-movement reflection on biodiversity and the plight of our worldwide ecosystems, Symphony No. 4 (Biodiversity) conveys a vision of the grandeur and fragility of the natural world.  

Discover many beautiful details about this project by reading the articles, listening to the WLRN news story, reviewing the information and watching the other video posted below:

Getting Your Head Around Climate Change Through Music - WLRN/Miami Herald News (Sept. 2013)

Composer Seeks Funding (or What Hath Kickstarter Wrought?)
- Sequenza21 (Aug. 2013)

SoBe Arts' Carson Kievman Creates An Ecologically Relevent Symphony - Miami New Times (July 2013)

Composer’s Kickstarter project seeks to record ecologically minded symphony - Knight Arts (June 2013)

Let Music Lead The Way: Understanding Climate Change Through Music - Urban TImes (Sept. 2013)

Special Report - Rising Seas In South Florida - WLRN/Miami Herald News (Nov. 2013) - check story at 30'10"!

Symphony No. 4 (Biodiversity) was motivated by a suggestion in 1998 from Dr. Robert Ginsburg, a renowned Professor Emeritus of marine geology and geophysics. Dr. Ginsburg was actively involved in preparations for the International Year of the Reef, and he believed that a musical piece could help to draw global awareness of coral reefs and ecosystems and perhaps persuade people to take simple actions that benefit the reefs. I became thoroughly inspired and began work on what would ultimately become an hour-long symphony, revised and completed in 2012.

“Biodiversity refers to the totality of all living things/species and due to their dynamic interactions on the planet Earth our life-support system sustains which must be preserved and cared for... ...(Kievman) could produce a symphony of biodiversity that is the foundation of life and primary natural resources for humans and all other life forms, and all together keeps us going for perpetual future of our soul." –Ke Chung Kim, Professor Emeritus, Penn State University

"Artists and musicians often lead the way to create awareness about climate change and the (mostly man-made) degradation of our environment. For Carson Kievman, one of the most lucid contemporary classical composers, this awareness is compellingly conveyed through the medium he knows best - music." Ishrat Ansari, The Listening Room, Caffe Vivaldi, NYC

Please join with us and support this project with a tax deductible donation ($25 or more) so that we may finalize our recording strategies. The funds that are raised will be used to hire this magnificent recording orchestra, engage Maestro Delta David Gier, hire a superb audio engineer, book the recording hall and pay for associated travel and transportation costs.  Sharing the project with others and sending us your thoughts are also very valuable ways to show your support:

All proceeds from the sale of the recording (CD) will go directly to the recording.

In the event that you, my supporters, generously over fund the project we will also record my new Symphony No. 5. By recording both symphonies the cost of the second recording will be significantly reduced by avoiding repetitive production expenses.Please take a few minutes and listen to our conductor and see the beautiful hall where the recording will be made on the video below.


Two symphonies of Carson Kievman have previously been produced and recorded by SoBe Arts, earning radiant notices. Symphony No. 2(42) was commissioned by the Florida Philharmonic Orchestra in 1991 to honor the 200th anniversary of Mozart's death. It was recorded by the National Polish Radio Symphony Orchestra in Katowice and the Polish Radio Choir of Krakow, with Delta David Gier, conducting (New Albion Records, NA081). Music reviews called it "a truly original and artistically sensitive work" (All-Music Guide Review, 1999), “visionary” (All-Classical Guide, 1998), “kaleidoscopic” (Denver Post, 1996) “Top Classical CD” (LA Times, 1996) and “one of the most powerful musical experiences I have had in recent times” (Spoleto Today, 1996). Symphony No. 3 (Hurricane) was inspired by my experience living through the unprecedented destruction and power of Hurricane Andrew, and was also recorded with the NPRSO (Mystery Park Arts Records, MPA01). A CD of Symphony No. 2(42) is available for contributors to this project (see and hear example below).

The conductor for this recording project will once more be Delta David Gier, recording with a first class orchestra in 2015/16.  Maestro Gier is a dynamic voice on the American music scene, recognized widely for his penetrating interpretations of the standard repertoire and his passionate commitment to new music. In addition, he has served as a juror for the Pulitzer Prize in music and the ASCAP’s Rudolf Nissim Composition Prize. In 2011, Maestro Gier debuted with the Chicago Symphony Orchestra as well as the Philadelphia Orchestra.

Gier, Kievman and Jankowska in Symphony No. 2(42) editing session (1996)

AUDIO: Passage (excerpt), Movement 3 and Resurrection (excerpt), Movement 4 from Symphony No. 2(42)



VIDEO: Aftershock, Movement 3 from Symphony No. 3 (Hurricane)


Thank you for your contribution,
SoBe Institute of the Arts (SoBe Arts)
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