SoBe Arts, Miami Beach, is casting singers for the world premiere of TESLA, by Carson Kievman and Thomas Babe... an interdisciplinary opera about the exceptional life, explorations and brilliant inventions of Nikola Tesla.‘Tesla’ was conceived in 1986 at the Eugene O’Neil Music Theater Conference. Tom Babe and Carson Kievman co-wrote the libretto in the 1990s and two scenes were previewed at the New York City Opera Vox Festival in 2004. The Libretto was slightly revised and the score was completed in April 2016. Nikola Tesla's life story will be told with carefully mapped digital animations, engineered mechanical stage devices, human and poetic storytelling via an exquisitely crafted libretto and innovative music. Link to OPERA SUMMARY.

Audition/Intelligent SystemsMaterials Required:

1. A resume (CV only) and headshot — BOTH IN PDF FORM. Email to info@sobearts.org
2. Access to at least three different audio samples of your singing. (You can direct us to a YouTube or Vimeo video, and the like, or email MP3s or send a CD by mail to 900 Bay Drive Suite 505, Miami Beach, FL 33139).

Format/Dates TBD
Two weekends of staged performances, June 2 through June 11, 2017.The Colony Theater, Miami Beach (provisional location).

Production Period/Pay
Rehearsals begin May 15. Confidential fee will be commensurate with role. Travel and lodging provided only for singers cast from out of town.

Casting info & Requirements:

You must have at least five years of professional stage performance experience. You must have excellent musicianship skills and be able to learn music easily. You must have excellent English diction.

1. NIKOLA TESLA: Tenor with wide range
2. THOMAS EDISON: Baritone (with strong falsetto)
3. MARIE ASTOR HAMPTON: Lyric Soprano with a youthful quality and agility in the upper range
4. MARK TWAIN: Baritone (with strong falsetto)
5. GEORGE WESTINGHOUSE: Tenor with agility in the upper range
6. TOMMIE (aka Boy aka Huckleberry Finn): Boy Soprano or Light Lyric Soprano with youthful qualities.
7. J.P. MORGAN: Bass/Baritone
9. CHORUS – All voice types needed (SATB)

Program Information


Composer, Carson Kievman; Librettist, Thomas Babe and Carson Kievman (with Mark David Needle); Stage Director; Jeffrey Marc Buchman, Music Director; Mary Adelyn Kauffman

"Tesla" depicts the operatic rise of a penniless Serbo-Croatian immigrant to the heights of Gilded Age fame and power, the revolutionary race with Thomas Edison to fuel a new era of electricity. The second part explores the portentous aftermath: from the peak of worldly renown, Nikola Tesla pursues relentless visions of tapping natural forces that could further liberate mankind, but instead lead to his earthly demise. 

A true visionary, Tesla gave away a vast number of patents because they were fossil fuel-consuming, and went to work on the Tesla Coil which would connect humanity to the very wheelwork of nature and allow the extraction of free and non-polluting energy for all.  As a result he died a pauper, crushed by the greed and hunger for power of his contemporaries.

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