The World Premiere of TESLA, September 28 - October 1


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multidisciplinary opera/Music-THEATER about the exceptional life, explorations and brilliant inventions of Nikola Tesla.

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a provocative 90 minute multimedia opera exploring epic conflicts at the intersections of the natural universe, technology and humanity.

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Fairy Tales, Songs of the Dandelion Woman

A 70-minute trip “down the rabbit hole.”  This contemporary music-theater journey hurtles through a kaleidoscopically shifting mental landscape, past the borderline between hilarity and madness, into a surrealistic dislocation.

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HAMLET (opera) workshop

based on Hamlet, prince of denmark by william shakespeare.
The Finale commission by the legendary produce, Joseph Papp
for the New york shakespeare festival/public theater. 
more coming soon...

Biodiversity Project

Symphony No. 4 (Biodiversity) and Symphony No. 5 is a recording project of SoBe ArtS A four-movement reflection on biodiversity and the plight of our worldwide ecosystems, REFLECTING a vision of the grandeur and fragility of the natural world.

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