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Biodiversity Recording Project:

Symphony No. 4 (Biodiversity) & Symphony No. 5 (Symbiosis)

A four-movement reflection on biodiversity and the plight of our worldwide ecosystems, "Symphony 4 (Biodiversity)" is a reflection the plight of the world's ecosystems, and a vision of the grandeur and fragility of the natural world. Its symbiotic pairing, "Symphony 5 (Symbiosis)" was inspired by the ongoing #ClimateCrisis.

Symphony No. 4 (Biodiversity) was motivated and commissioned from Dr. Robert Ginsburg, a renowned Professor Emeritus of marine geology and geophysics. Dr. Ginsburg was actively involved in preparations for the International Year of the Reef conference, and he believed that a musical piece could help to draw global awareness of coral reefs and ecosystems and perhaps persuade people to take simple actions that benefit the reefs.

In the News:

WLRN South Florida, "Getting Your Head Around Climate Change Through Music" Sep 2013

Miami New Times, "SoBe Arts' Carson Kievman Creates An Ecologically Relevant Symphony" July 2013

Knight Foundation, "Composer's Kickstarter project seeks to record ecologically minded symphony" June 2013

WLRN South Florida, "Special Programming: 'Rising Seas In South Florida'" Nov 2013

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