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SoBe Arts promotes excellence, creativity, and accessibility of the arts through performance events of the highest quality, in music and related artistic disciplines.  The Institute is committed to the sustained development of creativity and cultural life in individuals, the region and the nation by advancing artistic talents, regardless of income.  A major goal is to cultivate new audiences for fine arts.


Our Recent Productions



multidisciplinary opera/Music-THEATER about the exceptional life, explorations and brilliant inventions of Nikola Tesla.

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a provocative 90 minute multimedia opera exploring epic conflicts at the intersections of the natural universe, technology and humanity.

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Fairy Tales, Songs of the Dandelion Woman

A 70-minute trip “down the rabbit hole.”  This contemporary music-theater journey hurtles through a kaleidoscopically shifting mental landscape, past the borderline between hilarity and madness, into a surrealistic dislocation.

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HAMLET (opera) workshop

based on Hamlet, prince of denmark by william shakespeare.
The Finale commission by the legendary produce, Joseph Papp
for the New york shakespeare festival/public theater. 
more coming soon...

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Biodiversity Project

Symphony No. 4 (Biodiversity) and Symphony No. 5 is a recording project of SoBe ArtS A four-movement reflection on biodiversity and the plight of our worldwide ecosystems, REFLECTING a vision of the grandeur and fragility of the natural world.

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PASSION LOVE GRAVITY (in development)

Music by Carson Kievman, Libretto by Carson Kievman and Mark David Needle. A time dialated opera trilogy. Illuminating three stories of love from the past millennium. Like a travelogue drifting in and out of a hypnagogic state, otherworldly like a lucid dream.

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