Our Vision

world-class creative arts 


SoBe Arts promotes excellence, creativity, and accessibility of the arts through performance events of the highest quality, in music and related artistic disciplines.  The Institute is committed to the sustained development of creativity and cultural life in individuals, the region and the nation by advancing artistic talents, regardless of income.  A major goal is to cultivate new audiences for the fine arts.

We are a non-profit arts organization that has worked closely with the major arts institutions within the cultural arts districts of Miami.  To date, SoBe Arts has provided exceptional and acclaimed professional concerts and world premiere multimedia operas and music-theater as well as many other related events at low cost, or free and open to the public.

SoBe Arts provides the opportunity to create the kind of independent arts organization that marks the world’s great urban areas:

  • A high-caliber learning place for incubating the artistic talents.

  • A unique sharing environment for talented professionals to collaborate on new works

  • An intimate performance company for showcasing under-appreciated master works and developing innovative new works

  • Engage in a special community to make this vision a reality

As a 501 (c)(3) nonprofit arts company, our projects require us to raise needed funds - please help us by making a tax deductible donation online or by calling (305) 674-9220 for more information (No contribution is too small or too large).


Thank you for your support,
The SoBe Arts Family


About our non-profit.

SoBe Arts began operations in December 2005 as a d/b/a of the 501 (c)(3) nonprofit arts performance & education corporation Mystery Park Arts Company, Inc. SoBe Art's Executive Artistic Director is distinguished composer and professor Carson Kievman (PhD Princeton University, MFA California Institute of the Arts, composer/director-in-residence for the Tanglewood Music festival, the New York Shakespeare Festival, Donaueschingen Festival, NationalTheater Mannheim, the Florida Philharmonic Orchestra and the Pennsylvania Ballet, winner of multiple awards from the National Endowment for the Arts and The Florida Department of State, among others).

Mystery Park Arts Company, Inc. Is a Not-For-Profit Company (501 (c) (3) which functions as the fundraising arm of SoBe Institute of the Arts (SoBe Arts). It was founded 1988 for "the purpose of promoting cultural diversity and educating the public by creating, producing, and providing new music, music-theater, modern opera, and other new creative arts through live, recorded, published, video-recorded, and by other means.

The company is also authorized to improve public knowledge, acceptance and understanding of new music, music-theater, modern opera, and other new creative arts, by educating and informing the public and by engaging in activities in support of such arts; to identify, develop, and promote new and emerging art forms of historical and cultural significance (e.g. Internet); to help create an environment for contemporary artists to continue producing new music and new music-theater, by holding music competitions, by providing management services, workshops and lectures in new music and music-theater, modern opera, and other new creative arts; to engage in any and all other activities which will directly or indirectly help in the growth and development of new music, new music-theater, modern opera, and other new creative arts.

The corporation is not formed for any pecuniary profit or for financial gain and no part of its assets income or profit shall be distributed to or inure to the benefit of any private individual. Reasonable compensation, however, may be paid for services rendered to or for the Corporation or in furtherance of its purposes."

Evan Handler and Nadia Dajani, part of the cast of Acapulco (2011). 

A flute class posing with Mayor Bower and Carson Kievman, president of Sobe Arts (2007).

A flute class posing with Mayor Bower and Carson Kievman, president of Sobe Arts (2007).